Why You Should Switch To Bamboo Paper Straws

Bamboo paper straws are better for the environment, they're healthier and more eco-friendly. Switching from plastic to bamboo straws is a smart decision that will be beneficial for your health and the health of our planet. 

Why paper straws are better than plastic straws

The production of plastic straws is a major contributor to ocean pollution. It creates about ten million tons of plastic waste every year. Straws are also used for years before being thrown away or recycled and then washed down the drain where they break up into small pieces which can end up in lakes, rivers, and oceans. So there are many benefits of usingtop-quality bamboo paper straws(also known as “toppkvalitets sugerr av bambuspapir” in the Norwegian language) in restaurants and businesses. 

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Bamboo paper straw benefits

Switching to bamboo paper straws may seem like a simple change, but many benefits can come with the switch. These environmentally friendly products are nearly 100% biodegradable and do not use any harmful chemicals in their production.

Bamboo paper straws are made of renewable and sustainable materials, making them the best choice for your home or office. They are not only more eco-friendly but also healthier and safer to use.

Switching to paper straws is one way to help reduce the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans and landfills.