Why Rug Identification Is Important To The Rug Cleaner

Poor cleaning or destroying a customer's carpet is not impressive. Use carpet identification to differentiate yourself from the competition. Everyone "can't" know the identity of the carpet. Does your company just want to be "someone"?

Understanding design can help you troubleshoot problems, anticipate possible problems, and better advise your clients on cleaning. Customers will think of you as an expert. An expert is someone who is “very skilled; There is a lot of training and knowledge in a specific area. 

Ask yourself: Am I an expert rug cleaning in Dallas at cleaning carpets? As well as knowledge, it's important to learn to handle complaints constructively and competently so that your customers can trust you as a fin cleaner. Textiles. Besides, excellent product knowledge is not a marketing ploy. This increases your profits and reputation.

The main differences between hand knot and machine-made Oriental rugs are:

1. Look at the back of the carpet. The main thread does not move continuously along the hand-rolled carpet while the thread continues continuously on the machine-made carpet.

2. On the back of the rug, hand-woven carpets often show weft, but machine-made rugs do not.

3. Many hand-tied rugs have a rug between the pile and the edges, whereas most machine-made rugs do not.

4. Hand-rolled rug edges are an extension of the subfloor, whereas machine-made rugs have machine applied edges.

5. When viewed from the side, the hand-made rugs are covered with clouds or arranged by hand, while the sides of the machine-made rugs are machine-arranged.

6. Look at the back. If the material is glued or sewn back, it is most likely a bundle.