Why a Dog Needs a Leash

When it comes to dogs, one of the most common pieces of advice is to always have a leash around them when out in public. This is for a few reasons: first, as any responsible dog owner knows, a leash can help with control when walking your dog.

Secondly, if your dog starts to become aggressive or unmanageable, having a durable dog leash  can help you reel them in quickly and safely; finally, if your dog happens to wander off or get into something they shouldn't, having the leash will help you find them relatively quickly.

But just because a leash is always a good idea doesn't mean that every dog needs one- in fact, there are many cases where a dog would be better off without one.

Below are the reasons why your average pet might not need a leash:

1) If your pet is very obedient- most dogs that are well-behaved don't need leashes because they understand their place in the world and know when and where to stay. If your pet is less obedient or has behavioral issues that make them difficult to control, then using a leash may be necessary.

2) If your pet doesn't typically wander off- some breeds of dogs, such as Australian Shepherds, might be prone to wandering off on their own if they haven't been taught otherwise. If this is the case with your pet, you may want to consider a leash until you have worked through any issues that might make it necessary for them to wander off.

3) If your pet gets easily excited and needs to be on a leash at all times- some dogs can get very excited about seeing new places and people and can become anxious when not kept close by. If your dog is one of these types of dogs, a leash is probably needed until they can learn better ways of calming themselves down.

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