Which Vitamins Help Boost Immunity?

The immune system is very complex and depends on many different processes to function. Sometimes when we seek to strengthen our immunity, it helps us to understand exactly what we stand for.

We can start by checking the immune system. Knowing the vitamins and nutrients needed for all our levels of immunity can help you better understand which vitamins and supplements to take. If You want to buy the best boost immunity products then you can navigate to this website.

Our immune system can be divided into three main areas. The complement system, phagocytes and lymphocytes. Each category is responsible for our protection in a different way.

The first line of defense in your body is the complement system. The complement system is made up of proteins that always travel through your blood. They quickly attack bacteria and other invaders.

Complement proteins basically flag invaders so that other cells in the immune system can recognize and attack them. They cause inflammation, kill some invaders, and send signals to other cells to let them know they have come to deal with the problem.

Maintaining a healthy complement system is essential for your immune system. Disruption to this system can lead to inflammation and chronic disease.

It only takes 3-4 weeks if you are not getting enough vitamins to suppress the complement system. While nearly all vitamins are necessary for proper functioning, B vitamin balance is of the utmost importance.

Consuming refined sugar, such as those found in processed foods, can quickly remove B vitamins from your body and prevent your immune system from making antibodies. Even worse, refined sugar can shrink the thymus, which is the organ responsible for your immune response.

Phagocytes are white blood cells that are activated by the complement system. They eat cells that are damaged, dead, or infected. They can deal with large invaders such as parasites and send a signal to the thymus that an attacker is present. Phagocytes can eat a lot of bacteria, viruses, and infections that attack.