What Services Do Locksmiths Provide

Most Locksmiths provide a variety of services ranging from roadside emergency auto lockouts to full sock security systems for large commercial buildings. The services provided by a commercial locksmith are usually confined to workers who have inadvertently lost the workplace keys. 

After a frustrating hour spent with a wire hanger trying to open the door, the workers will usually call a locksmith to open the door and then to change the lock. One can also visit https://www.allthingslocks.co.uk/commercial/ for commercial lock change services.

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In large commercial office buildings and residential apartments, a locksmith will hold a door lock plan for the entire building enabling them to change barrels or cylinders when the need arises.

When a tenant moves out of a large apartment building the locksmith will merely replace the cylinder. The new cylinder number will be placed in the building lock plan and this will enable the new tenant to have a different key than the old tenant. However, the locking system will still allow master keys used by maintenance to enter.

Similarly, in large commercial buildings, key integrity can be maintained by changing cylinders when employees leave or are terminated who have access to areas secured by keys. By changing only the cylinders senior executives will still have access to their existing keys as will maintenance and security officials.