What Is A Paracord Bracelet?

Paracord bracelets, also known as "survival bracelets", "550 cord bracelets" or "parachute bracelets" are made of nylon rope twisted to withstand heavy loads.

Top paracord bracelets jigs are small but powerful, its incredible comfort and flexibility in a pinch make it a multifunctional tool for campers, climbers, tourists, survivors, military servicemen, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Paracord type comparison

Your survival paracord bracelet can be made from several different types of paracord. Learning the basics of distinguishing these ropes isn't all that depressing: it's important to make sure you have a paracord that will reliably meet your needs, whether it's like a once-in-a-lifetime blue moon as a backup survival tool or as a regular part of your preparation.

Here is a brief breakdown of the main types and categories of paracord and some of their important properties:

Type I Paracord: Has a minimum tear strength of 95 pounds and is single-stranded yarn. Relatively cheap.

Paracord Type II: Uncommon. Minimum breaking strength of 400 pounds and four to seven threads inside.

Type III Paracord: The best paracord for most outdoor users and survivors for good reason: strong, flexible, and affordable. Minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds – the restoration of the common abbreviated name "550 Paracord". Seven to nine basic threads.

Paracord Type IV: Extremely strong cable with a minimum breaking strength of 750 pounds and 11 basic threads. Significantly more expensive than the 550 paracords and mostly unnecessary for lovers of normal outdoor relaxation or training.