Use Alternating Pressure Mattresses

An alternating pressure mattress is a therapeutic mattress used to prevent and heal bedsores and is especially meant for people requiring a long hospital stay or convalescence period.

Along with a pump, the mattress massages the skin and at the same time continuously changes the contact points of the epidermis every four to five minutes. Click here now to buy a comfy pressure care mattress.

Bony protuberances of the body also do not have constant pressure on them and this lowers the risk of pressure sores.

To make things easier, the pressure can be adjusted from soft to firm. These are the other reasons that an alternating pressure mattress is extremely advisable for those who are recovering and require complete rest:

The installation of this mattress is quite simple and straightforward.

Air loss is low and these mattresses do not allow buildup of heat and moisture.

All alternating pressure mattresses have a waterproof nylon top and PU material that make cleaning and ventilation easier.

A safety light alerts low pressure or loss of air. The pressure inside the mattress ranges from 30mmHg to 50mmHg.

A weight adjusting knob is available with the mattress with a quick release of air, when required.

The low pressure in the alternating pressure mattress systems ensure that blood flow is good, tissues receive the required amount of oxygen and nutrients along with an adequate exchange of waste.

Another alternating pressure mattress is the bariatric one. This also offers an adjustable pressure monitoring system with a pump connected to a microprocessor to monitor and maintain consistent pressure throughout the mattress.