Transcription – Types of Transcription Services

Transcription refers to the conversion of recorded speeches into a well-written form. Transcribing simply means converting recorded speeches into written, typewritten, or printed forms. 

Transcribing, in simple terms, is the act of copying something from one medium to another. This includes a complete written copy of dictated material. You can also hire different transcription services online at

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These are just a few examples of different transcription services:

Media transcription:

Its name implies that it is used within media and entertainment. It is a transcription of an audio portion of a program, as it happens, with speechless elements. It is used to display text on a television screen or video monitor to give additional information or interpretation to viewers who want it. 

Audio transcription:

This is the process of transcribing audio files and speeches into readable text. It is used to convert various digital audio files, such as mp3, mp4, and au. Also, it can be used for translating audio speeches into text form using audio transcription services.

Video transcription:

To transcribe VHS, DVD,.avi,.wmv files into desirable format video transcription is needed. Video transcription can be used for different types of media such as TV series, reality and motion pictures, educational videos, corporate training videos, and other video formats.

Financial transcription:

Financial transcription is required by firms in the financial industry. Financial transcription is used for financial reports, events and financial summary and analysis reports.

Legal transcription:

It's used to create official transcripts of court hearings, depositions, and other legal proceedings. Legal firms, stenotype, and court reporters, voice, and steno mask writers required legal transcription services in order to transcribe recorded spoken speeches into written form.