The Ultimate Guide to Off-Grid Solar LED Lighting Systems

At first, the world was lit. It was the sole lighting source for many millions of years. We then made use of the power of fire to create lighting in the dark. This gave us a way to stay awake past the sun's rays by using candles and fires.

Over the past 100 plus years, we've discovered an alternative method to create another type of light by using electricity. In the Industrial Revolution, it was possible to create all kinds of things. In addition, off-grid solar lighting systems are gaining popularity since they can provide a green solution for many outdoor lighting installations.

solar lighting system

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The Solar LED Light Terminology

There are many terms within the lighting and solar industries that aren't commonly used. Below is a list of the terms as well as their definitions to ensure that you aren't missing information when speaking to someone from the industry because these terms are more frequent in the lighting and solar industries.


An observable measurement of the energy consumed. For instance, if own a lamp that is 15 watts is used, it will consume 15 watts/hour. The fewer watts are, the lesser energy it uses and LEDs produce the greatest amount of light while using the lowest amount of wattage required.


The term "lumen" refers to the quantity of light emitted via a solid angle from the one-candela light source that is equally distributed across all directions. The amount of light emitted by a bulb or lamp can be measured as lumens.