Read About The Best Superhero Of Marvel Comics Online

There are several brilliant Marvel characters that it is one seriously challenging challenge to decide on the best among all them. Captain America defended his nation during the World War II and since that time has continued to struggle on humanity side. It is not merely his valor that deserves respect but his loyal moral personality is something which elicits profound respect from most comic book fans. 

Together with the Cap' by our side, no superb villain can dare approach us. Tony Stark is one of the very charismatic superheroes that existed.  As charming as he is, Iron Man is equally epic.  Iron Man, in the face of hardship he never loses his distinctive sense of humour. For more information about the latest marvel comics, you can visit online comic stores. 

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The end of the world could be coming but he can make you feel as though you're having a terrific time with your very best buddy and nothing else matters. Another superhero famous for his humor is the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. The web slinger has exceptional abilities and his agility is totally unmatched. 

Additionally, his human alter ego Peter Parker, together with his teenage insecurities, is really so irresistible. An exposure to gamma rays transform the soft-spoken scientist Bruce Banner into the green-skinned monster superhero Hulk.  Though his anger can't be kept in check, it's the quality of his which create the Hulk so exciting to us lovers. 

Thor is a superhero and a god mixed into one. Additionally, it helps that he's blessed with such great looks, which makes him lots of brownie points from the female lovers. The hammer wielding superhero is devoted to keep the humanity secure. With this kind of a line up, it is quite tough to decide on the very best superhero.