How Will A Messenger Bot Improve My Social Media Presence?

Facebook Chatbot is one of the applications developed by Facebook. It is like having a personal assistant. A messenger bot is an artificial program with artificial intelligence capable of conversing with humans through different applications, including the Facebook Messenger Bot. This particular bot is basically programmed to know the queries, give appropriate answers and even help people while using this artificial intelligence software. You can also give suggestions to the Facebook Messenger Bot if you think the bot may need some changes in response to certain situations. This way, you can communicate with the Facebook Messenger Bot while exercising your freedom to do whatever you like.

However, you may ask, "Are we losing our human element in artificially intelligent or self-programmed programs?". Will we be losing our customer service representatives or will we become just another marketing department? Will the customer service aspect of Messenger Bot be as good as customer service on Facebook or other messaging apps? These are important questions and deserve some attention. We shall try to look at these issues in more detail below:

There was a rumor that Facebook's Messenger Bot will replace its existing customer support agents. If this is true, then this is the biggest threat to the traditional values of customer care. Customer service is considered to be one of the most precious assets of a business organization and an agent who works with customer services is irreplaceable to the success of the business. As such, will the replacement of the traditional customer care agents with bots be good for business? We shall try to look at this issue in more detail below:

The issue of automated bots replacing real human agents is not new. In fact, it first came up when Google launched its Facebook Chatbot, Gmail. And many experts say that it is not too far away from replacing the assistants in every major retail store, from fast-food restaurants to big hotels. However, it might take time for these artificial intelligence platforms to be as good as their human counterparts. Since these platforms work mainly via social media, they will have to work using the same social media strategies.

Therefore, it is quite likely that Messenger Bot will use Facebook's existing Messenger Bot features and add to it. It might also use Facebook's existing Graph application framework, like the one it already has on Messenger. This will allow the system to easily integrate Facebook's messaging platform with various other applications, such as chat Bots. This will help to make it easier for businesses to access Facebook's user base, as well as make it easier for businesses to build up long-term relationships with Facebook's fan base. Additionally, because of the close integration between Facebook and Messenger Bot, it will become easier for businesses to use Facebook's API to access the data that Messenger Bot pulls from Facebook, such as fan pages, videos, photos, avatars, comments, and the like. This will, in turn, help Facebook monetize the interactions that Messenger Bot has with Facebook's users.

However, the biggest feature of the Facebook Messenger Bot that will attract customers is probably the customer service function that it will include. Currently, chat bots can already help businesses interact with Facebook users on the social network, by allowing them to easily report spam or improper usage of applications and chat rooms. If chat Bots incorporate the same customer service function that Facebook's current Chat Bots offer, it will be even easier for businesses to attract customers. Unlike Facebook chat and the inbuilt Facebook application, a Messenger Bot chat will allow a business owner to easily initiate a conversation, and then either respond to the inquiry or ask questions relevant to the inquiry.

Furthermore, it will also allow the business owner to record a video with the customer, review and respond to any queries, and upload any relevant images or videos that may be useful for further interaction. All of these functions will be powered by Facebook APIs. Therefore, not only will a Facebook messenger bot be a highly useful piece of Facebook software, but it will also be one of the most heavily supported and updated Bots on the whole of Facebook. Therefore, it could prove to be very useful for those businesses that need to run multiple Facebook applications or have a need to provide their customers with excellent customer service.

Messenger Bots are likely to become an essential part of many modern-day conversations. Because of their ease of use, and the great amount of functionality that they allow, Bots will undoubtedly be very popular with Facebook users. If you would like to try out Messenger Bot, simply install the software onto your Facebook account, and create your own bot. Then invite friends over to join your bot network. Messenger Bot will allow you to easily interact with your friends, as well as thousands of other Facebook users around the world, all while maintaining your social media presence.