How Is A Hot Shoe Cover Used?

A hot-shoe cover is a small protective cover that slides in a camera hot shoe when not in use. Its main task is to protect the electrical contacts beneath from dust, moisture, and grime. In addition, a cover improves the resilience of the hot shoe and streamlines the contours of your camera. One of the most overlooked photographic accessories, the small hot-shoe cover is an inexpensive way to save yourself a lot of trouble.

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Do note, however, that these covers are not a one-size-fits-all affair. Even if you can use one flash unit across cameras of several manufacturers, this does not mean that their hot-shoe covers will fit one another.

This cover is a very simple and intuitive accessory. Essentially, whenever you are not using your hot shoe to attach an external flash or another accessory, you slide the cover in. Unlike flashes, covers do not have a locking mechanism, they are held in place by friction and/or simple molded spring clips. Unless your hot shoe cover is of an exotic design, you should not need to unlock or undo anything to remove it. Firmly slip it out towards the back of the camera. Replacing it is the reverse procedure, simply slide it in the shoe, as far as it will go with reasonable pressure.

Because of the friction fit, hot shoe covers are prone to get looser as they wear, to the point where one might slide right off without you noticing. This is why hot shoe covers, together with eyecups, are among the most frequently lost camera accessories. Some covers come with a rubberized coating to improve friction, but this will, too, eventually wear.