Hair Care Tips – How To Choose The Right Hair Shampoo?

Proper hair care is important for normal hair, especially thinning hair. Unfortunately, many people don't understand the basics of hair care and are drawn to advertisements to use products that may not be suitable.

Let's take a look at some aspects of hair care so that you can use hair products and styles to your greatest advantage. 

Shampoo is a detergent more like regular soap. Actually, shampoos in the past were soap-based, but had the disadvantage of being corroded by hard water. They cause build-up and make hair look dull. Modern shampoos contain synthetic detergents and work equally well in hard and soft water. You can buy the top-quality damaged hair shampoo via  

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There are three main types of shampoos on the market. They are: 

  • shampoo for dry hair

  • shampoo for normal hair and

  • shampoo for oily hair.

There are other sub-classifications, but they are unnecessary and confusing. The main difference is the amount of oil added (lanolin, natural or mineral oil).

Shampoo for dry hair usually contains oil, while shampoo for normal or oily hair usually does not. It makes sense to choose the right shampoo for your hair type.

If your hair looks greasy and frizzy, use an oily hair shampoo. If it's too dry even for oily hair, use a regular hair formula and wash it more often or twice. It should be remembered that the main purpose of all shampoos is to clean the hair, and all shampoos do this very well. Since all are equally effective, you may want to choose the one that smells best, keeping in mind that price is not necessarily an indicator of quality.