Things Printer can do you may not be Aware of

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A printer is a device known to print documents, images and other things which makes our daily life easier. However, there’s more where you may not be aware of. Let’s jump in to understand some of the best things a printer can do which can make your day productive.

  1. Able to Download Apps – Printers are capable of downloading apps directly. Old models may not be able to however, newer models have been introduced with this feature. For instance; you can print monthly calendars or even print daily crosswords. The selection of apps is growing as software developers are introducing new apps on a constant basis.
  2. Able to Save on Ink – A great way to save ink on your printer is by going to settings and selecting “draft mode”. Since new printer models come up app downloading feature, it has allowed a broader way to save more on the ink. A great app is the “Ecofont” which prints fonts by limiting the use of ink.
  3. Able to make Magnets – If you require promotional magnets but wish to save money at the same time, you can do so with the help of your printer. All you need is to purchase sheets or magnet paper from office supply store create and then print about any magnet with the right kind of settings on your printer.
  4. Able to Back up Files – Modern printers have storage capacities while others come with a dedicated SD card slot allowing you to back up important files and documents. It’s a great way to store and print if needed in the future.

These are some of the things seen in commercial printers in Brisbane.