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Stress balls can come in all shapes and sizes. A surfing stress ball is a hand-sized ball with a surf logo on top of a ball made of rubber or some other material that the owner can squeeze and squeeze when feeling stressed or anxious. It is a way of removing stress from the system through some form of physical activity. Of course, a stress ball isn't just about physical activity. 

Different shapes and sizes of stress balls add to the psychological aspect of stress relief. For example, you can use an animal or cartoon character as a stress reliever. You can not only relieve your stress, but you can also think of cute cartoon characters to help you relax. Stress ball surfing is pretty much the same. You can also buy stress balls via

Health Benefits of a Stress Ball: 5 Reasons You Should Use a Stress Ball!

You will not only get rid of your fear, but you will also see your Aloha logo, palm tree, or longboard and remember the time you spent at the beach. Or you may not have been to the beach before, but you can imagine the beach is relaxing, fun, enjoying the sunshine, and sipping cocktails. These fun associations will help you relax and reduce stress.

The stress ball also has a tactile and acoustic effect. You can put different types of materials in the ball or just have balls made of porous rubber. Eating rice, dried beans, oats, or tiny pearls in a ball will add texture to your hands when you squeeze them. It can give a massage effect to the hands and have a calming effect. Squeezing rice, beans, or pearls can also be relaxing and calming.

The stress ball is a modern adaptation of the pearl care or rosary that some Catholics wear. It helps someone do something to create frustration but also helps them change their focus. These are two great strategies for reducing stress. Physical activity helps remove the effects of stress hormones from the system. People often use sports or sports to relax after a hard day. And an iconography or image of the rosary, or in this case a surfing stress ball, can help a person take his mind off a busy day at the office.

The medical community isn't sure if stress balls work. For example, many doctors believe that deep breathing is a better way to relieve stress than pressing a stress ball. Studies show mixed results with stress balls. It appears to depend on the type of person and the frequency with which they use stress balls. Some people respond to meditation rather than squash as a relaxation tool. These people may not find stress balls useful. And if the stress ball is used continuously, its effectiveness can decrease or it can become a source of stress itself.