Augmented Reality In Marketing

Over the years, AR technology (application of 3D models to real objects) has been used for special tasks (military, medicine, television). Now innovation is penetrating a wider market.

The popularity of Augmented Marketing Reality has increased significantly in recent years. This is not surprising as there is tremendous potential for consumer-brand interactions.

Many major brands have tested AR technology. Last year's ad campaign for Volkswagen's new-generation Beetle, for example, aims to be "as impressive as the new Beetle itself". To know more about AR technology visit

Image Source: Google

The brand is leveraging AR technology to "bring new cars to life" and infiltrate consumers' lives via their phones and tablets from billboards.

To follow the adventure of the new Volkswagen Beetle through printed poster ads, users download a special application to their smartphone, "open" the image and turn it into a real-time video.

Ikea added augmented reality capabilities to the 2013 catalogue to provide "more DIY inspiration" where customers can refer their smartphones to pictures in the catalogue and view Ikea cabinets in their offices, for example.

Toyota, Starbucks, Kellogg, and General Mill are just a few examples of well-known brands that have tried new interactive technology in their ad campaigns.

AR technology in marketing can radically change the way consumers interact with brands.