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Know More About Apple Health Guide

Apple Health is a place where you can store and track all your health and fitness data in one place. Whether it is stepping, cycling, running, or more serious health data such as blood pressure and glucose levels.

Apple Health is an iOS application introduced by Apple in iOS 8. It serves as a central health dashboard for iPhone users that allows them to view health data from multiple health apps in one place. Achieve your weight loss & fitness goals with our digital health display App on a smart mirror.

apple health dashboard

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Data sharing from Apple Health to Human API is slightly different from most sources. This is because Apple's health data is only stored on the user's iPhone. To share this data with Human API, we have created a human API iOS app that users will use in association with Human Connect.

Once downloaded, users need to take three steps before the data becomes available: Sign in with human API credentials (created using the human API app) Provide human API app access to each type of data stored as desired in Apple Health 

Allow applications to synchronize Apple Health data with Human API Servers. Unlike most sources where data resides in the cloud, human APIs cannot directly pull updated data at will. Instead, the Human API app must be installed to pull data from the device.