Dental Care Services For Kids In San Jose

Healthy teeth are teeth that are sterile without caries. With proper and routine dental care, there will be no caries in our teeth.

Therefore, try to maintain a constant discovery of healthy teeth. Oral and dental hygiene will determine the health of the oral cavity as soon as possible.

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Several diseases of the mouth and teeth can be transmitted to children and babies if dental care is not done properly, such as: There are holes in the surface of their teeth, inflamed gums and canker sores.

Dental caries, which usually occurs at a young age (children and babies), is usually caused by food and drink. Sweet and sticky foods like chocolate, if not washed immediately, will neglect and cause tooth decay.

In addition, drinks such as coffee, tea, sodas, and cigarettes can create a thin layer on the teeth called stains, which in turn cause teeth to become dull and brown.

Roughly covered stains can easily be linked to food debris and germs that form plaque. Then if not cleaned properly it will harden and become tartar and can spread to the roots of the teeth.

As a result, teeth wear off easily, easily shake and shift. In order to carry out daily dental hygiene, you need to complement your dental health with dental care products that are suitable for your child's teeth.

Get in the habit of brushing your teeth. Dentistry can be started from a young age. This can be done by rubbing the child's teeth with a cheesecloth or cotton cloth rinsed with warm water and then rubbing it gently on the baby's gums.