Drone Applications Every Pilot Must Know about

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The application of drones in the early days was strictly for military use. However, this awesome technology equipment is shifting over to be used commercially. From entrepreneurs, movie directors, solo travelers, businesses, drones have really caught up in the last few years. If you’re someone where drone interests you, then you should know some of its applications.

  1. For Aerial Photography – Before drones were used commercially, it was hard to get an aerial shot. And if you did want one, then you would have to hop inside a helicopter or a crane to get those amazing shots. However, thanks to the introduction of drones, aerial photography and videography have become a lot simpler.
  2. For Mapping of Geography – Drones allow us to create a 3D visual of difficult to reach places such as mountains, islands, and coastlines. All of this is possible due to the availability of mapping applications.
  3. For Agriculture – Manually monitoring of crops is a challenging job. However, this work can become easier with the use of drones. In fact, experts in agriculture along with farmers have agreed in using a drone for the detection of crop health, improvement of crop condition, etc. This is going to be possible very soon in the next coming years.
  4. For Shipping and Delivery – At the moment, drone delivery has not come in the picture. However, Amazon, UPS, and other major companies are favoring the use of drones when it comes to shipping and delivery of products.

Drone training is crucial to get in the drone industry. Make sure you undertake proper training.