Mountain bike vacation – without the usual vacation

Mountain bikers don't just love casual vacations – they want to go on a mountain biking vacation where they can get out and try trails they often can't. They also enjoy mountain biking vacations because they face cultures, challenges, and sights that are not common in their lives.

It's no wonder tour operators offer mountain bike vacations to almost every possible destination in the world!

Mountain bike vacation - without the usual vacation

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Bicycle manufacturers also participated in the campaign. Tracks have Tracks Trips, which specialize in – you guessed it – mountain bike vacations and tours.

Fisher Bikes also offers travel packages – with Gary Fisher as your friendly guide! Other manufacturers are sure to pursue this shortly – as there is a certain market for mountain bike holidays!

Travel agencies are another great resource for finding mountain bike vacation packages, but they usually don't offer what tour operators – other than travel agencies – can offer. Tour operators usually offer guided tours, but many also offer self-guided tours.

Depending on where you want to go and how experienced you are, a self-guided tour can be more enjoyable than a guided tour. However, if you have no experience or are traveling abroad, consider taking a guided tour.

Guides are usually well trained and know the places to take you like the back of their hand. No need to worry about getting lost or finding the hardest path to your skills – the guide has all this information.

These guides usually know what is acceptable in the areas they frequent and what is not acceptable in terms of relations with residents – especially overseas.