Microsoft Office Administrator Exam: An Important Pre-Employment Testing Tool

Computers have become indispensable in the workplace and computer skills are more important now than ever. Software applications such as Microsoft Office can increase the productivity of your employees and the company as a whole. 

Employees can use it to create business plans, letterheads, marketing warranties, profit and loss estimates, sales brochures, etc. This software application has reduced the workload for many employees by enabling them to perform tasks more accurately and faster.

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Today, Microsoft office skills (and computer skills in general) are more than just a must-have asset for an employee. Its important role in maintaining high levels of productivity has made it a necessary skill. 

Therefore, if the job description requires the use of or even knowledge of this application, it is very important to ensure that your job applicant has the necessary skills to do the job. One proven way to objectively assess computer skills is to take an exam.

Although Microsoft has its own certification program, individuals are usually charged a hefty fee. Microsoft Office pre-employment exams are available from professional providers such as online employability tests. Microsoft Office exams are usually interactive or multiple-choice tests that accurately determine what potential applicants know and don't know. 

Microsoft Office interactive tests are typically a type of simulation that asks candidates to perform specific tasks using toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts, and more. This exam is offered as a test for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, FrontPage, and Excel.