Job Hunting Tips For Recent College Graduates

You are a recent college graduate, you're eager, you're hungry, but you are unemployed. Now what?

1. Make sure your resume is posted, or refreshed, to the major job boards (Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs), faculty job boards, and institution sites.

2. Make sure relevant important words, including phrases are on your resume in the format they would be hunted. You can check out Job Search Master Class Resume Template, tools, and checklists for better reference.

3. Clean up your Facebook profile. There are tools such as Xobni that allow employers to quickly view your Facebook profile. In the event that you wouldn't like a prospective employer to realize your spring break images or your costume, make those pictures private, or remove them completely.

4. Create your professional profile and join with as many friends and associates as possible.

Job Search Master Class

5. Having your first job in your home is tougher than ever before. It's much better to ask your parents and relatives for assistance finding work than to ask them for help in paying your student loan.

6. Utilize job board aggregators such as and make search representatives on the occupation boards so you're going to be alerted immediately when a new job pops up.

7. Do not spend all day hunting the web, there is no end. Allocate a certain amount of time per week (8 hours maximum) into hunting the world wide web. Spending some time on additional activities such as media, job fairs, and alumni events. Hunting all day, regular, won't make any new jobs for you personally.

8. Look at taking other courses or getting a higher level. Filling in the gaps in your skillset will help make you more marketable.

9. Establish reasonable expectations. Disappointment is a product of expectation, set reasonable expectations, and expect that it is going to require more than it's for graduates of previous decades.

10. Be positive. Having a good outlook not merely relays well in a meeting it keeps you more energized and focused in your search.