Improving Technical Support Service in Orlando

Your computer is not working properly and you are at your wit's end. Today the situation has come to such that we fail to sustain even a small problem in the technologies that run our lives. Today we see businesses completely being dependent on IT for their regular operations.

Absolute dependence on technology has led us to rely heavily on support services to deal with any kind of hitch that may be encountered in the system. Needless to say that technical support service assumes grave importance in such a scenario. Many tech companies provide help desk services to attend to customer queries and fix the problem.

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Getting Technical Account Manager for Providing Technical Support Service

Mostly these services tend to concentrate on first call closure and in case the problem is not resolved then the issue is escalated to the second and third-level support. But in the event of the issue is unresolved in spite of all these the support teams must pass on the query to external vendor technical contacts for tendering a fast and satisfactory solution. In order to include third-party vendor support, you need to appoint a technical account manager or TAM.

The technical account manager will be responsible for properly directing internal admins to the right technical resource provided by the vendor. Such kind of account managers almost always form part of the companies' technical support services team. However, using a TAM may lead to an increase in resolution time.

While the account manager engages in the process of connecting customers with the help desk services team and support managers, valuable time runs out and since most of the support services operate with limited time, getting a TAM might not be the best option.

Alternatively, many companies adopt ways to connect the customers directly to their technical operations center that operate round the clock and offer responses immediately, thereby eliminating the requirement of going through a technical account manager. This process is quicker and it also facilitates warm hand-off, thereby enhancing the overall customer service experience.