How To Treat Breast Lipomas

If you have ever discovered lumps under your skin, you will clearly understand how frightening this can seem. In many instances, however, they may actually be lipomas, which are benign tumors consisting of fat. What actually causes these lumps is not known, other than a possible hereditary link. 

On discovering any form of growth, a proper diagnosis from a doctor is vital. If a lipoma is diagnosed, there is not too much to worry about other than to decide what form of action to take. To find the top breast surgeons for lipoma removal in Sydney navigate to

A doctor's visit is essential whenever a lump under the skin is discovered. Lipomas can be moved around beneath the skin, so they are relatively simple to diagnose. They are soft and fatty lumps, and when they are located just beneath the skin, in the subcutaneous tissue, removal is fairly simple.

If the lipoma is small, the advice from the medical team may be to leave well alone, as they are benign and normally not painful. Surgical removal leaves a small scar, so this may also be something to consider when making a decision. If lipoma surgery is carried out properly, all traces of the fatty tissue will be removed.