How To Keep Your Garden Pest-Free Naturally

A house without a garden is like a bird with no wings – it might look beautiful but it is rather dysfunctional. 

Nevertheless, maintaining a flourishing garden is a hard and time-consuming task. You can also visit this website to hire a gardener in Melbourne.                                           


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The most challenging part isn't picking the right plants and making beautiful arrangements – that comes naturally, the most difficult part of gardening is finding the answer to the question

"How to keep your garden pest-free"

While you will find various chemical-laden products that can miraculously rid you of deer, slugs, rabbits, and other invaders, you must ask yourself, if you are really prepared to face the consequences of applying pesticides. 

Even if you don't have young children and/ or pets to worry about when spreading the chemicals in your garden, why put on the protective gear and risk getting poisoned when you can use a natural, perfectly safe alternative to pesticides.

1.Dealing with Slugs

Slugs are by far the most annoying and persistent garden pests. They are extremely hard-to-locate and are still able to inflict enormous damage on your beloved plants. 

2.Dealing with Mammals

While slugs are rather easy-to-trap, bigger pests, mammals namely, are a much more annoying nuisance. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you protect your garden from pest infestation without the need of using chemicals and poison. If you have any other suggestions, please do share them.