How To Get The Most From Advertising Your Company Online

After you decide to advertise your company online, regardless of whether you want to pay for online advertisements or search for free advertisements online, you want to get the most influence that you can do from it. Because after all, you pay a valuable time or with cash obtained with difficulty through the purchase of your ad campaign.

The following is a strong strategy that I use successfully to get the maximum results from my ad. This strategy can be run successfully with one of your own products or services or work well with affiliate programs as well. You can choose the best creative promotions to enhance your business growth.

1. Get products that you can provide for free. This can be a re-branded e-book or report from one of your affiliate programs or that you have written yourself. Other options are quality software, video/audio training, online e-charms, or even making a series of articles and placing them together as e-book references, etc. 

2. Create a web page that looks good based on benefits only for free product customers. So for them to get the product you offer, place the registration form on the page and ask them to join the Autoresponder for the download link. Plus tell them that they will receive some free prizes, more information, etc. 

3. When you make an autoresponder for this page, set the return page/thank you to go to the page you say to thank you, and tell them that the link is sent to the email they entered into the form. Or as an alternative, you can give them a download link on that page if you want. 

In the autoresponder, you will set several letters. The first letter will contain a thank you for asking for a free product together with a download link. Then for a certain period of time, separate 1-2 days, set the autoresponder to send the remaining letter.