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How to Extend the Life of Your Oak Dining Table

When it comes to choosing an oak dining table, you'll find that it can be an expensive investment, but it will also last a long time. Not only is oak a durable wood, but it also has a timeless natural beauty. Oak trees grow slowly, which results in a dense wood that is able to withstand daily use. You can find many colours in oak, making it a versatile wood option for your dining room.

Hard wax oil

Adding hard wax oil to your oak dining table is a great way to extend the life of your oak dining table. If the previous owner has not applied hard wax oil to the table, this type of maintenance oil will not penetrate the wood evenly. Adding this kind of oil to the table will make it more resistant to damage.

It is important to sand the wood properly before applying the hardwax oil. Deficiencies in sanding can be easily spotted while applying the oil. Therefore, be careful when choosing a sandpaper grit. It is better to go for medium to coarse grits than to use very fine sandpaper. You should keep the cell structure open and avoid using too fine a grit. Too fine a grit will polish the surface and close the cell structure.

Hard wax oil is a type of protective finish that combines the penetrating qualities of an oil with the sealing abilities of a wood wax. It is made from a blend of natural waxes and oils. This combination is more effective than using either oil or wax alone. This type of protection can last for several years.

A coloured wax will be a great choice if you want to change the colour of the wood. It should be tested on an inconspicuous area first to ensure that the colour matches the look of the table. Also, make sure that the wax is easy to apply. This is important as it can cause problems if it is not applied correctly.

Another option is Danish oil. This type of oil wax is composed of linseed oil and tung oil. The balance of these ingredients is different among brands. Its low viscosity allows it to penetrate the wood grain more deeply. It also acts as a wood preservative and enhances dehydrated furniture.

When applying hard wax oil to your oak dining table, you need to take your time and follow the instructions for the product. It will take two or three applications to make the treatment last for a long time. After the initial application, the oil will become more visible. The more oil you apply to the wood, the darker the color will become. You need to refresh the oil twice a year, and each refresh takes about ten minutes.

If you do not want to use a hard wax oil, you can use a beeswax oil. This is a natural-looking oil, but beeswax contains high carbon paraffin, which feeds the wood. It also seals the surface and protects it from spills. It is widely available and relatively inexpensive, and it is safe for use around young children.

Before applying a hard wax oil, you should test the wood for wax. You can wipe a damp cloth over the wood to determine if it is safe to apply. You can also test the wax by dampening the top of the table with water. If the water beads, it is possible that there is still beeswax on the surface. If it does, you should remove it.