Hi Vis Jackets – What They Are Used For?

High-Visibility or Hi Vis Jackets are clothing that is usually made of bright material and/or incorporated with reflective patches, stripes or markings. The most common example are those used by traffic enforcers, especially during the night, that is bright green or bright orange.

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Hi vis Jackets

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This article will discuss the basics of these, as well as provide more extensive lists of examples that is meant for personal, professional, industrial, or road wear.

  • Rationale for Hi Vis Jackets

Individuals who wear the these need to be visible even in poor lighting conditions, extreme weather, or when there are heavy machineries afoot. This includes but is not limited to:

Police officers directing traffic during the night or inside tunnels, canals, waterways, etc.Construction workers inside a construction site.Fishermen, especially during bad weather.Motorcycle owners and drivers who travel the road, joggers or runners, and rangers or rescuers on a mountain path or forest trail

  • Retro-reflective Material on Hi Vis Jackets

Bright colored fabric such as orange or neon yellow is a good idea, but not necessary. This is especially true if the same will be used for personal wear or as part of a fashion accessory jacket. Retro-reflective materials are usually silver in color and are cut in strips or patches. This is then placed in strategic locations for maximum visibility dependent on use.

  • Legal Requirements

In most cases Hi Vis Jackets are required by law, by local ordinance, or by employers to be part of a person's clothing during specific types of activities. The goal is to increase visibility of individuals and differentiate them from machinery, environment, and the dark. This is a means to limit accidents that can cause damage to property, injury, death, etc.