Guide To Dental Staff Jobs

There are many career opportunities offered in the world of dental work and you don’t even have to be a dentist. You can be a dentist, dental technician, or dental hygienist. Before you apply for a dentist program, research your options.

Dental hygienists

Dental hygienists have different responsibilities depending on the state they practice in, but they all clean their teeth and advise patients on proper dental care. You can also contact the top dental staffing agency via

You will definitely take and evaluate x-rays, remove plaque from your teeth and apply preventive dental care. The main focus of dental hygienists is to educate patients about proper dental hygiene. They often work in schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

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Dental assistant

The main task of the dentist is according to the title: Assisting the dentist in his practice. You can perform basic tasks like cleaning and preparing dental instruments for patients before they come. The assistant also prepares the patient for the visit, places it on a tray, takes x-rays, and helps with a quick dental check.

Dental technician

For more technical positions in the dental workforce, dental technicians basically design and repair dentures, crowns, and bridges.

They perform other tasks, such as make mouth samples for patients and prepare other equipment for customers, such as. clamps or mouth protectors. People suitable for this job have steady hands and enjoy working with models and plastics.