Facebook Messenger Bot Builders

One of the more popular innovations in online marketing recently has been the invention of the Messenger Bot. A chatbot is simply an artificially intelligent software program that can actually chat with your prospective customers on your behalf, answering commonly asked questions with personalized replies. The chat can be as simple as guiding them to your online storefront. Or it can be as intelligent as suggesting them to change their current reservation such as Marriot's Facebook chat bot does.

These chat bots are great especially when you do not have the staff to constantly monitor customer interactions live. Most people love to interact live with others because it is so easy and fun. However, when things go wrong, they tend to be a lot harder to manage. In order to overcome this issue, developers have come up with several different types of chat bots.

Some Facebook chat Bots are programming to provide answers to commonly asked questions while others are pre-programmed to perform specific tasks. For instance, the Facebook Chatbot Marriot uses pre-written answers as well as pre-defined actions to guide users through various queries. The Chat Barbie is another bot that provides pre-programmed answers and actions to commonly asked questions. This makes it easier for customers to get in touch with the company and solve whatever issues they might be having.

But perhaps one of the most popular types of chat Bots are the ones that are programmed to interact with customers live on the social media platform. Brands like the interactive Facebook Chatbot Gooligan use chat Bots as customer support agents. They will promptly and politely respond to any queries the customer might have while automatically posting relevant messages on the wall. This helps to provide more personal interaction with the customers, which can help them to understand a product better. Such chat bots are often used by companies to handle live conversations on social media platforms.

Apart from being used for customer service functions, businesses also find that using chat Bots is quite useful when it comes to increasing their business page's visibility in various search engines. Many of the Google tools allow you to run specific searches that include the search terms or phrases that you choose. Facebook Chat Bots are very useful in this regard since they can be programmed to post specific messages in response to certain searches. For instance, if a customer searches for "credit cards", a business page created with a Chatbot builder can be automatically included in the search results. This is a very effective way of gaining visibility on the search engine.

Chat Bots are also used by many businesses to identify leads. For instance, if you run an auto parts store and you want to get more information about a prospective customer, you can use Facebook chat Bots to pose as a real customer and interact with the person. The customer will then be encouraged to either buy the product or at least inquire about its availability. However, before you start using such a bot, make sure that you have a valid subscriber list of customers to be targeted.

Another important use of these bots is to help internet marketers to promote their Facebook pages and websites. Since Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, it should come as no surprise that a Facebook Chat Bot can help you advertise your website through the webhook feature provided by Facebook. By using a Facebook Chat Bot, you can create a custom webhook that is only accessible by the Facebook account you are connected to.

Although it is still early days for Facebook Messenger Bot to help consumers, the possibilities for business promotion are already being explored. Indeed, there are a number of reasons why businesses should consider using these bot builders. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more amazing things that Facebook chat bots can do.