Endometriosis Symptoms Checklist: Do You Have the Warning Signs?

Endometriosis can be diagnosed by a variety of symptoms. If you're unsure about the symptoms, please take a look at this list. If they are familiar, consult your doctor before considering any treatment. It is important to act quickly in this situation. Endometriosis can develop further without prompt treatment. Infertility may also be possible.

Some Common Endometriosis Symptoms are:

1. Extreme Pain

Although pain can occur throughout the month, it is more common during the menstrual cycle. The pain could be located in the pelvic area, often in the lower back, but also in the legs and intestines. 

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2. Heavy bleeding during or between menstruation

Endometriosis can cause irregular periods. Sometimes bleeding can occur in the middle of the month and it may be more severe than normal. Many women report periods that are heavier and more painful than normal.

3 Miscellaneous

Other signs that could indicate endometriosis include fatigue, reduced immunity, and symptoms that seem to get worse around menstruation.

These symptoms can give you an indication if you might have endometriosis. You should consult your doctor if you believe this to be a possibility. Although there is no cure, certain treatments can be used to alleviate symptoms. The natural treatment is thought to work by balancing the body and shrinking endometrial tissue. However, this requires a lot of effort and lifestyle changes.