Easy Steps For Touchless Car Wash

Washing a car is something that everyone should do at some point in their lives. A car is essential for living in modern countries. 

How do you wash a car?

You will first need to find a car wash near you. It should be touchless (automatic), although a manual one is also possible. You can save a few dollars on a contact-free car wash in Airdrie

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Return to your car, and then drive to the carwash entrance. You can now drive to the car wash entrance by entering the number on the receipt and pressing the big green button. 

The sign will flash to indicate that you are safe to drive. You can now drive your car inside the car wash by following the instructions on the electronic menu.

It is also a good idea not to remove your antenna from the car wash before you go.

Soon, you'll see the nozzles filled with high-pressure water rotating around you. The water will then turn into foam and then water again. 

After a while, you'll see the electronic menu light up green indicating that it is safe to continue driving.

 Follow the instructions, but do it slowly. You'll now be moving on to the next stage of car washing: drying out any remaining water. 

The exit menu will show the remaining seconds. You'll notice the numbers count down. To ensure that the hot air doesn't dry your car everywhere, it is a good idea to slow down and drive slowly.