Duties Of An Industrial Electrician

Industrial Electricians work with complicated machinery and electrical systems in industrial plants. Industrial Electricians can work with high voltage components as well as micro-currents. They are expected to be precise and safe.

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Following are the duties of an industrial electrician:

Industrial electricians work with Interpreting and reading specifications and blueprints of the industrial projects.

Servicing, repairing, installing conduits, wiring, and fixtures are the basic work that an industrial electrician needs to perform on a daily basis. These electricians conduct electronic inspections or tests so that there shall be no mishaps inside the industry.

Regular service of generators, motors, and high-voltage systems are essential for the smooth running of heavy machinery, and industrial electricians take care of this.

Perform electrical work on industrial lighting systems, pumps, and environmental regulating systems.

Installation, maintenance, and repair of heavy-duty equipment and industrial communication systems is a part of their job. Oiling motors and changing the wiring is the work that they do for the smooth running of machinery.

An industrial electrician should also be good at Working with programmable logic/automation control. Because it’s a new technology, and very useful for the growth of the industrial sector.