Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Actually Work?

The verdict is in! Do inflatable paddle boards really do the trick? The verdict: Yes, they do, but not when compared to a hard board. Can inflatable boats and wakeboards replace hard-packed, solid boards that take longer to get into and out of the water?

The verdict: Yes, they do. Inflatable paddle boats and wakeboards do NOT make the best all around watercraft for beginners. For money, hard-packed, solid wakeboards ARE worth every penny when compared to inflatables.

The verdict: An inflatable paddle board is cheap, easy to transport, and has the ability to be towed behind almost any automobile. On top of that, it doesn't require a license to operate, is incredibly maneuverable, and offers a more realistic paddling experience than an inflatable boat. When compared to a hard-packed, solid wakeboard, an inflatable boat is the perfect choice for beginners.

The verdict: Once you get off the beach, you'll be impressed by the way the boat glides in the water. They don't have wheels, so you can't tip it over and send it careening into the sand or deep water. Plus, with inflatables there is no need to be attached to the shore where your vehicle will likely be tied in. You can leave it anywhere you'd like without a problem. With a hard-packed, solid boat, you would need to find a safe place to leave it and then tie your car to the dock to keep it from drifting away.

Hard-packed and solid boats also have limited maneuverability, which will limit how far the boat can travel. With an inflatable, you can go farther than you could with a hard board and stay at a safe, cozy, level spot. That's because inflatable boats are designed to be very stable in the water. When compared to a hard-packed, solid wakeboard, an inflatable boat will give you more time to do everything you'd want to do in the water and less time to think about your actions.

Inflatable boards and inflatable paddle boating are both safe and fun ways to learn the fundamentals of watercraft ownership. When you compare and contrast the two, the only real difference between the two is how quickly you'll go in and out of the water. The right type of board will allow you to sail safely down the ocean, glide gracefully in the air, and still have enough time to take care of your vehicle in case it should be towed in to land by the Coast Guard.