Coffee – Get To Know About its Origin

There are many legends and curiosities surrounding the creation of this amazing drink. The most famous is probably the Czechodet Monastery in Yemen.

Legend has it that after learning from a shepherd that his goats were still alive even at night if they are certain fruits, the monks decided to make drinks from these fruits to keep them awake at night. Another legend is about Muhammad who one day, feeling sick, received a visit from the Angel Gabriel, who was sent by Allah with a miraculous drink.

The drink is pitch black like the sacred black stone in Mecca known as qawa. Mohammed drank it, suddenly revived it, and left for a new exploit. Buying best coffee in Grand Rapids MI may not have the same effect as the pure extracted coffee, but it can at least give us energy for a few hours of hard work.

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However, the most famous story relates that in Arabia a shepherd named Kadi, after tending his goats, was horrified to see him showing signs of joy after eating the fruit of a spontaneous plant. The priest, unable to explain what had happened, forwarded the matter to old Abbot Yahya. 

The abbot, feeling the benefits of plants, creates a bitter and warm drink that warms the body, can refresh, relieve sleep and fatigue. This is exactly the same drink we can try every day at the office bar. In contrast, a similar legend says that coffee was invented by an imam in an Arab monastery.

The priest prepared the potion and gave it to all the monks, who stayed up all night without any problems. Another story relates that an Arab monk, Shaykh Ali ben Omar, was alone during a trip to Moka, a city where he accompanied his master Shadeli, who died on the way.