Check Latest Trends In The Field Of Web-Based Application Development!

When we talk about the development of web-based applications, at first, one connects it with a network connection. Well, it is a process that refers to, "for every program that can be accessed via the network connection using HTTP." 

This application does not come embedded in the device memory. Many applications can be found running in the web browser itself, while some may be based on clients. If you want to learn more about the application development in Abu Dhabi, then visit


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In the case of client-based applications, not all but only a small part of the program is downloaded to the user desktop. Processing is mainly carried out through the Internet on an external server.

In the case of a web-based application that communicates with the user segment over HTTP, come under its scope. This application light may flash games, online calculators, calendars, and intensive applications that make use of HTTP as the medium. 

Web developers in constant effort to develop something new and share something that is easy to handle as well. More recently, four major trends in the development of web applications have witnessed-

Full use of the maximum heap JavaScript development

There was a rise of server-side JavaScript that has become popular because of several advantages and benefits. 

With a full stack Javascript development, one can easily write in one language on both sides as well as the server at the client end. 

Say instead of writing applications in JavaScript, PHP, and MYSQL, one can bring the whole in the JavaScript itself. 

Introducing mobile development, gaining steam

Currently, all have mobile phone optimized sites, and therefore both responsive and mobile-optimized versions exist. 

Most of the latest technology trends is that of portability for a single to bring any and everywhere. Here, mobile-based application development is gaining prominence.