Building Your Own Outdoor Pizza Oven

The latest home improvement trend is outdoor pizza ovens. These ovens come in a variety of designs and colors so you can enhance your garden's appearance. This article will help you build your oven in your garden. To get more details about the outdoor pizza oven you may see it here.

Things you will need shovels, concrete blocks, bricks, mortar, concrete, wood.

How big and where?

Calculate the oven's size. You will need to find a spot in your yard that can accommodate an oven that is this large. It should be at least as wide as your oven. The sides of the pit should be covered with wood. Fill the rest with concrete.

outdoor pizza oven

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Build Your Oven's Fire Encasement

Start by measuring the brick. Next, draw a line on concrete and add two inches to the perimeter. Next, add your bricks around the edges of the concrete blocks. Then, add mortar between each brick.

Support the Fire Encasement

To support the interior of the oven's fire encasement, use wood. Add a hole to allow for the door. Next, add another 2×4 ring to the concrete slab. Allow the concrete to dry. Place the bricks in a way that creates a space within the oven for baking your food.

Create an Arch and polish it with a Chimney

For the stone arch, make a template from wood. Finish the building process by stacking bricks outside the oven. You should leave a small opening to allow for the chimney. Let everything dry completely. It's easy! Now, you can bake and enjoy your outdoor pizza oven.