Bounce House Inflatables Can Pump Up Your Company Picnic

Now is the time of year when a lot of companies are planning their annual family picnic. You might be thinking, what can we do this year to make the picnic a little better than last year. Of course, you will have the usual barbeque chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

You will more than likely have the traditional potato sack race, but what if this year you came up with something a little more exciting, something like an inflatable bounce house?

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The company family picnic is a time for the families of the company to come together and get a little closer. The bounce house will do just that for the kids that come.

Children love the activity of jumping up and down in a bounce house. They love the bigness of the structures, and they love the colors. Once they enter, it is hard to get them out, and at the end of the day, they have had more fun than ever and will always remember that.

There are other types of inflatables that are also a fabulous idea to have at a company picnic. A big favorite is the giant clear plastic inflatable spheres. These are fast-moving balls that are propelled by the participant's movement. They are the perfect alternative to the boring potato sack relay race. They can also be used for solo fun.

You can also erect an inflatable soccer field complete with soft walls, and bouncy goal posts. The soccer games will go on all day, and soccer moms will feel right at home.

It will probably be a warm day when your company picnic day arrives. Why not have a mega water slide? These inflatables will keep the kids cool while they play and are the perfect answer when your location does not have a pool.