Best Automation Tools For Mobile Application Testing

All of these elements make it necessary to have an efficient and thorough automation tool that can assist in the testing of mobile applications efficiently and cost-effectively. Physical devices require testing tools that can be integrated into the environment of testing fully covered, simple, and easy to use, and run the same test across a variety of smartphones and devices. 

Testing for mobile app lets customers gain confidence that their mobile device will work as it is intended within the ecosystem. There are numerous tools for testing that help developers to pinpoint the key issues with the application and cut down costs for Quality Assurance time and cost of testing. 

Here are some tools for automation that are suitable to test mobile applications:

Take a look at the test.

It is a tool for testing automation for mobile devices that fulfills all the requirements to test mobile applications and is used by a majority of Fortune 500 companies such are Microsoft, NYSE, Marvell, Click-Software, Cisco, and numerous others. The tool is compatible with all methods for identifying objects. 


This software can be described as an automatic functional test tool made by Gorilla Logic, which can capture all actions using an iPhone or iPad while they are used. It also plays back your test program at any moment and allows interactive replay of scripts. The software is free and open-source and accessible on all browser platforms. 

The automated testing tool was created through Smart-Bear Software, which allows the software developers to run tests of quality. Tests can be hand scripted, made manually using keywords or recorded for playback automation and recording errors.