All You Need To Know About The Skee-Ball Arcade Game

The skee-ball arcade game is an authentic arcade game created with home-friendly balls and the classic jump balls that offer the real arcade feeling. Today the skee-ball machine is made with the same quality and attention to details because the original 1908 arcade model is built using the same process.

Through skee-ball, play any space in your home to the game room and get ready to head with 2-player challenges mode or perfect your game in single player mode. If you’re looking to purchase a skee-ball arcade game then, you may visit,

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The skee-ball is a classic arcade game that is affordable with an authentic view and feels that the whole family, at any age, will love.

Some of the characteristics of this game are their rich Burgundy colors, durable construction and classic design for arcade games that are affordable with classics with the appearance and nuances of authentic skee-balls.

It's perfect for the home game room, featuring a friendly rubber ball with a digital score and ball counter display. This is the perfect addition to your home game room, rec room, warehouse, garage, attic, private space, or for indoor use.

Skee-ball games are entertaining for the whole family  – they can be played by children, adults, and grandparents with a mode of challenges of single players and 2-players.

The skee-ball machine is easily set and played in less than 30 minutes, many companies generally provide 90% assembled in two boxes on one pallet. Skee-ball machine sets are easy to assemble for hours of fun arcade style.