All About Direct Fed Microbials

Sometimes, discussions about probiotics or microbials can get too technical and difficult to understand. However, this is an attempt to explain probiotics and other direct fed microbials for pigs.

Some Latin names for bacteria may be difficult to pronounce, but they are sometimes necessary. A biologist brought this whole field of probiotics to the attention of scientific scientists just after 1900's turn. He discovered that certain citizens lived longer because they ate large quantities of fermented milk products.

direct fed microbials

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Over the years, it has been proven that animals who are fed good, natural yeast in their food are healthier than animals who are not.

These findings led scientists to believe that a combination of the beneficial lactic acid-producing bacteria found in fermented milk products with the better health of animals who were fed good yeast could result in a very beneficial product for them.

Guess what? The product combining these two products was discovered by the public some decades ago, but it wasn't known about animals. This product was first discovered by humans. 

History of probiotics, microbials

There are two types of bacteria in our digestive tract. Bad bacteria, or pathogenic bacteria, grows three times faster than the good bacteria. It is easy to see how bad bacteria can grow if there are no controls. This could lead to poor health in animals, and even worse, to the development of serious diseases.