Advantage Of Hair Cutting Capes

A cape is a drape used to cover a customer while he is getting a haircut or other barbershop/salon services. The most common material for capes is nylon.

Capes can be made of just about any material and are commercially found made of vinyl (“plastic”), polyurethane (a.k.a. PU, a plastic-like coating usually applied to a polyester cloth-like backing), cloth (cotton, cotton/polyester mix).

These materials are available in different textures, like seer-sucker nylon, crinkle nylon, embossed vinyl, matte or shiny polyurethane, etc. You also need ultimate shopping guide for choosing hair cutting cape .

Ultimate Shopping Guide For Choosing Hair Cutting Cape

Nylon capes are available with different finishes which can, for example, give the material a shiny wet look or waterproof/chemical-proof properties.

Capes can also be found with string-tie closures or just a plain collar.  It is common in barbershops to see a special type of clip that is used to secure the cape around the customer’s neck.

The clip ensures a tight fit so the tiny clippings produced by clipper cuts will stay off the barbershop customer.  These clips are typically used in conjunction with plain or snap collar capes.

Velcro tends to grab and hold onto hair clippings, even after washing the cape, however it is quick and easy to fasten to a perfect fit.

If snaps are spaced too far apart, as common on lower-priced capes, it may be difficult to get a good fit without the use of a clip.