A Mothers View On How To Stop Thumb Sucking

My child sucks her thumb until she was a few months away from turning 3. She nevermore really spoke, She always kept her finger in her mouth and if she had said anything She would take it out just enough to get a sentence out. 

I also noticed that the other kids were talking and saying the words they are much better. That is why many parents (including me) try; try, try and try to get the children to teach them how to stop sucking her thumb. Then I checked the tguard aerothumb review on the internet. Before that, I was also using some effective remedies.

Here are some home remedies that I have heard about and NOT agree with, once again this is a drug that I've seen online or heard. Most people would put something on the finger or thumb; I've heard of Mavala, band-aids, cologne, and even hair spray.

I actually think it's essential to try out a system that does not involve the type of chemistry on the thumb – there are plenty of times when a child will use the same thumb to wipe their eyes and have led to a real bad shock or even eye infections. There is a better item to be used to help stop thumb sucking.

There are several fun and unique products for parents to help their children end up sucking her thumb. There are books available with fun illustrations stories to help inspire young children, there are many types of gloves too;

I even saw a doll. You can check with your child's dentist to see if they have guards available, guards may be placed on the roof of the mouth that does not allow for action to suck or even on the thumb that will help stop sucking her thumb.