A Guide to Protective Gas Masks

Gas masks are typical, iconic, and inspiring objects. As a technology, a uniform, a symbol, and a mask, the gas mask defies simple categorization. The gas mask was originally used to protect military and non-military subjects exposed to respiratory hazards (CBRN agents).

Today, anyone can use a safety gas mask.  You can buy protective gas masks via https://www.gasmaskpro.com/. In this article I use memory narration to check the active social life of children’s gas masks in the UK Second World War; Their use, abuse, and disposal.

By focusing on a unique sensory aspect of gas masks, I consider various interconnected themes, including the effects of poison gas, childhood learning aesthetics, and the relationship between memory and sensory.

This research was built on recent criticism about social constructivism and ‘asymmetry’ in student studies and material culture; The child gas mask appeared not only as a social and physical mediator between children and the world war, but as an actor shaping the aesthetic experience and memories of that world.